I am an artist at heart.  I learned to sew, upholster, paint, build, refurbish, and the art of just being crafty from both my parents.  I spent most of my life around flea markets and thrift stores since my parents are have been avid flea marketers for as long as I remember. I have a love and appreciation for reusing all things: clothes, jewelry, household items, home decor, etc.  Bijou Reborn is a combination of my need to organize, express my artistic energy, explore my ability to create, and pursue my passion for reusing and upcycling things whenever possible.

I prospect for vintage and used art frames then I create beautifully handcrafted, wall-mounted, one-of-a-kind hanging jewelry organizers using upcycled frames (mostly vintage) and other upcycled materials.  Realizing that every jewelry owner has a unique style, I offer my customers the opportunity to customize their hanging jewelry organizers to fit their unique style and flare.  In preparation for various craft shows and expos, I also prospect for unique pieces of vintage and pre-owned jewelry to display in my hanging jewelry organizers.

Along with beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind hanging jewelry organizers, Bijou Treasure Reborn also offers upcycled art frames, pre-owned and vintage jewelry, cloth face coverings, reusable shopping bags, and functional cross-body handbags.

Enjoy one of my creations and upcycled items.

Best of everything to you!

Robin M. Alexander

Artist & Upcycler