Handcrafted Hanging Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry collections of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and watches are unique to each individual's personality and style.

Surprisingly, most jewelry collections are hidden away in a box, drawer, bowl, tray, or organized behind the doors of huge jewelry furniture. 

I design and create beautiful one-of-a-kind hanging jewelry organizers that provide easy access to your favorite pieces of jewelry.  My handcrafted hanging jewelry organizers are as unique as you are and will allow you to organize and enjoy your jewelry every day.You can display a single jewelry organizer as an accent to your bedroom or closet, or you can create a gallery using multiple organizers.

My one of a kind hanging jewelry organizers are unique gifts that fit every style and occasion:  Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Wedding, or just to say Thank you!

For those who sell jewelry, my customized jewelry organizers also offer a unique and creative way to set you apart from the rest as you introduce and display your  jewelry collection to customers. 

Pre-Owned & Vintage Jewelry

We also offer pre-owned and vintage jewelry that are unique pieces of reborn treasures, which make wonderful unique gifts for all occasions.